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NetMeeting Sample Page on this site

Wimba - sample Web page on this site

Yahoo! Japan

Microsoft NetMeeting

NetMeeting Products

Microsoft NetShow

Microsoft Windows Media Technologies

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IBM International Components for Unicode (ICU)


Sound Test

Sound Link
<a href="sound/u01m02ppt002t01x.mp3">Sound Link</a>

Sound Link - New Window
<a href="sound/u01m02ppt002t01x.mp3" target="_blank">Sound Link - New Window</a>

Embedded MP3
<embed src="sound/u01m02ppt002t01x.mp3" width="100" height="32" autoplay="false" controller="true" volume="50"></embed>

Simple Macromedia Flash Sound Player


Sound Test References

Embedding QuickTime for Web Delivery

QT Tag Converter Tutorial - watch the tutorial


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